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My world looks clear now !!!

I was in need of glasses since an early age... And in the profession I choose (ACTING) these certainly were a hindrance. I tried contact lenses for sometime... It did help the botheration was too much and sometimes the irriation, the redness would show on camera.

Yatin Karyekar
August 2002
It really feels great to have an aid less vision.

It is been a wonderful experience to know you all and also to be treated by such a friendly and excellent team of professionals. What you all have done for me is just inexplicable all can say is "Thank you so much" for doing this wonder on my eyes.

Sumantha Guha
July 2002
LASIK surgery, I feel quite relieved.

It's been a month since the LASIK surgery and i feel quite relieved not having to bother with contact lenses, glasses and not being able to see. Now, I feel good coz I can see clearly with no hassles, and relieved from glasses after 10 years.

Reshma C Menghani
August 2002
Comfortibility can change life.

I had surgery 6 months ago (4/2002). Before that my eyesight was not so seriously bad but I needed glass in lectures in college. It was headache to wear glasses during hot season as glasses came down up to half of my nose. So usually I didn’t wear glasses except lectures. But, I think, I missed half of my life which pleased me without seeing things around me clearly.

Ms. Akiko Tokinobu
April 2002
Dr. Dedhia's professional conduct, honesty, judgement and excellent surgical skills has changed my life.
Dr. Robert Mascarelli
August 2010
It has indeed been a beautiful expressions to have my sight restored without any further problems.
Mrs. Pereira
August 2011
After surgical procedure done in both my eyes, I feel a new person already!
Sheela Lakhani
June 2012
Thank you from the bottom my heart !
Suresh Mansukhani
August 2012
Wtihout glasses, people around me can see the actual clear color of my eyes and compliment me for the change in my looks whick makes me feel good.
Mr.Yazdi Bhesania
August 2012
What you have done has meant a lot. Thank you!
Mr. Jamshed Rustomji
The vision you promise, you deliver !
Shalini Makhija
I am able to see as clearly as I had never experienced before.
Deeply impressed by the cleanliness maintained in and around the hospital.
Fr Jjoseph Parachalil
As each patient is different, expectations are key to the success of this procedure.I feel this procedure has given me a new lease on my future. Thank you Dr. Abcdefghi and staff for your expertise and excellent work!
Mr. Steve Mark

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