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Keratoconus Risk Factor

Keratoconus Risk Factor

March 20, 2018

Risk factors and Risk factor prevention of keratoconus

Inherited diseases which increase the risk of Keratoconus include Retinitis Pigmentosa which is a disease which causes night blindness and progressive loss of vision and Ehler- Danlos Syndrome which is an inherited defect in the production of collagen tissue in the body which is responsible for maintaining the dome shaped structure of the cornea of the eye and Down’s syndrome. These are all inherited diseases and hence cannot be changed with lifestyle modifications.

An Antioxidant poor individual has an increased risk of Keratoconus as it is thought that free radical damage to the cornea is a leading cause of keratoconus, and antioxidants reduce the amount of free radicals in the body hence detoxifying the body. Antioxidant rich food such as colorful fruits should be consumed regularly to replenish the antioxidant stores in the body.

Infection or irritation of the conjunctivae requires immediate medical attention. Use of over the counter eye drops are frowned upon as they carry the risk of aggravating the irritation and causing damage to the eyes. A medical professional must be consulted and prescribed treatment must be taken promptly to prevent damage to the cornea and the eyes.

The Risk Associated with exposure to increased Ultraviolet radiation can be countered by wearing polarize polycarbonate sunglasses of high quality which block UV rays 100%. These are recommended for individuals who spend increased amounts of time exposed to the sun.

When buying Contact lenses they should be bought from a reputed institution and care must be taken that it is a perfect fit. Can cleaning should be done with the recommended, eye safe cleaners.

Keratoconus causes the cornea to thin and bulge to a conical shape

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